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Patra is the third largest town in the country and has one of the biggest and busiest ports in the country. The geographic location of the port makes it most accessible to Ionian Islands and some towns of Italy (Trieste, Bari, Venice, Ancona, and Brindisi). In fact, much of the town’s economic and cultural developments are attributed to this port.

Aside from an economic and cultural center, Patra is also a perfect destination for young travelers who want a unique, enjoyable Greek holiday. The town is full of surprises and is teeming with life. Patra Downtown never runs idle as there are many young people, students and tourists that fill up the streets. The center is dotted with bars, restaurants and shops. At night, the city is wide awake and almost never goes to sleep with its parties that last till dawn. Many of the restaurants and cafes can be found around the city square and continues to the port.

Perhaps one of the most crowd-drawing events in the town is the Patra Carnival. Famous in all of Greece, many people flock to the city to take part in this annual celebration, usually February or May. It’s difficult to describe what happens during the Carnival. For six weeks, the city is on party mode. Carnival activities and various events (such as concerts, performances and shows) for children and adults are held in the city. But during the last weekend of the carnival, the people go crazy. There is a big parade with huge statues and floats and thousands of people dressed up in their own costumes. And on the last Sunday, the streets turn into a party place with lots of drinking and merrymaking. It is also the most famous and most awaited day of the celebration. You certainly don’t want to miss it!

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Get to explore Patra Downtown and its spectacular tourist attraction. The town is divided into the Upper Town (Ano Poli) and the Lower Town (Kato Poli.) Each of this town has their distinct character. The Upper Town has retained a more traditional style, with its Venetian and Neoclassic houses, paths and stairs. On the other hand, the Lower Town is more modern and is livelier.

The summer months are the best time to get to the town as you can enjoy the bright, sun-bathed beaches. There are also many cultural events that are lined up during the summer.

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