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The second largest city of Greece, Thessaloniki is the most important center in this part of the country. It is located some 500 kilometers north of Athens and is built near the Thermaikos Gulf. Despite its hurried modernity and cosmopolitan character, the metropolis still bears the marks of its stormy history. The striking contrast between past and the present gives it an unusual charm and beauty.

Being a key city of Greece, thousands of people visit Thessaloniki on a daily basis. In fact, the Thessaloniki Airport serves over 3.5 million passengers every year. Do not be surprised to find long queues of people waiting for their turn for the taxicab. This can be a hassle, especially for many who are travelling for a limited period of time. Rent a car services in Thessaloniki Airport offer a worry-free travel to the city. You can book a car that best suits your needs and budget well ahead of time. Visit Avance Car Rental website and choose from among the different cars available for you.

While in Thessaloniki, you may consider taking a tour in the center and visit interesting destinations.

There are several archaeological sites that are worth visiting in Thessaloniki. The ancient forum, built between the 2nd and 3rd century AD, additional buildings, squares, odium and porticoes. There is also the palace complex of Galerius Maximianus, the temples, the hippodrome, the thermae, and other moveable finds and monuments. Some exquisite mosaic arts that date back to the 4th century AD can be seen from the surveys and excavations. The lavishly decorated Stoa of the Idols can be found in the south square.

Yet another must-see archeological treasure is the Triumphal Arch of Galerius. Built some two-thousand-five-hundred years ago to commemorate the military victories of the Roman Empire, the arch is a testament to the grandeur and power of the ancient empire. Just nearby is the Rotunda built during the early 4 th century but was later converted into a Greek Orthodox Church.

A walk through Thessaloniki is definitely worthwhile. Around the downtown is a host of Byzantine monuments such as the churches of Acheiropoietos, the Panaghia Chalkeon, the Hagia Sophia, St. Panteleemon, Hosios David, Taxiarches, and Ayios Demetrios. With all the Byzantine art and architecture pieces, Thessaloniki can be justifiably considered as an open-air museum of this era. If you have extra time, you may also want to try going up to Halkidiki which is just an hour away from the city.

With so much to see in the city, you want to maximize your time from your arrival at the Thessaloniki airport. It would greatly help if you rent a car with us. Make the most out of your stay here in the city with car hire.

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