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The heart of Greece and the birthplace of democracy, Athens is a city with glorious history. Athens holds an important place in the world’s civilization. It is where great myths and legends, ideologies and wisdom, thinkers and rulers have flourished.

Although history looms large in this city, Athens has transformed itself through the course of time. Today, the city is home to over four million people – a third of the country’s population. And it boasts of a bustling and diverse economy that centers on commerce and tourism. The formidable edifices of ancient times set as a striking backdrop to high-rise buildings and modern structures that dot the city center.

The vibrant city life of Athens and its magnificent history attracts thousands of people. The Athens airport is anything but idle. It caters to thousands of arrivals and departures. Although car rentals are just around the corner, travelers would have to endure agonizing minutes waiting in queues. Good thing, Avance Car Rental has an online portal where you can book a car way before your arrival.

At first glance, the city may not be as enchanting. The sprouting of structures here and there has resulted in an architectural disaster. There is no concept of urban planning and development when the population of the city started to grow; this was post-World War II. But with the huge investments for the 2004 Olympics, Athens had seen a significant development in its urban landscape. New roads, train systems and public spaces have been built, along with major pedestrianization in the city-center.

The order and grandeur of which Athens is known for have reappeared, and even though globalization has taken over, the city retains its warm character to an amazing degree. The fast-paced modernity is tempered by an air of hominess and intimacy. As any Greek would tell you, Athens is the largest village of the country.

If you are heading off to this famed city, be sure to make arrangements with Athens airport car rental so you can maximize your stay. Enjoy the ancient Classical Greek city: take pictures at the Acropolis and Parthenon. Visit the refurbished National Archeological Museum and get to see the finest collection of artifacts from ancient Greece. For a genuine Greek experience, immerse in the city’s neighborhoods, such as Psyrri, Plaka, and Monastiraki.

You don’t want to miss the cafes and nightlife of the city. Enjoy the nightlong partying; streets here in Athens glow and stay lively up until 3 or 4 am. Have a splice of some of the best clubs and bars. There is a wide array of establishments that you can choose from, whether you want a gourmet restaurant or a more intimate and traditional tavern. There are diverse and colourful bazaars and shopping scenes.

At Avance Car Rental, we guarantee top class service at low rates. All we want is for our guests to enjoy their stay in the city.

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