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Chania is a must-see. It is undeniably one of the most beautiful cities in Crete – others may even consider it the best destination in this part of the globe.

Well-protected by the Madares mountains in the south, Chania has an impressive natural beauty that seems to be unspoiled by modernity. At its north stretches the vast Sea of Crete that seems to embrace the island. The land is covered with lush vegetation that turns green to scarlet contrasted by deep gorges with silvery color. From afar, the hilly island seems to have flesh, so vibrant and alive, teasing vacationers to tread on it.

Chania is served by the Chania International Airport. With daily domestic and international flights, it is the second busiest airport in the country. The airport is also known as Ioannis Dasakalogiannis, named after an 18-century Cretan rebel who stood against the Ottoman empire. It hosts regular domestic flights to and from Thessaloniki and Athens. During peak season, chartered flights from different European countries (Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, etc.) also arrive at the airport.

Located some 14 kilometers from the city center, travelers arriving at the Chania airport would need to take a 20-minute drive to city. Car hire stations can be found at the arrival area of the terminal complex.

But you can always make advanced booking by checking out online portals of car hire companies such as Avance Car Rental. Our website contains helpful information so you are guided when making your travel itinerary. If you are planning to go to Chania during the months of July and August, an advanced reservation is a must. The airport is very busy during this touristy season and you might find a hard time booking a taxi at the vicinity.

Vacationers can also make necessary arrangements online, such as if they have any special transportation needs (extra luggage racks, baby seats, or satellite navigation system.) These additional items may cost you extra bucks but they can ensure your safety and ease during your holiday in Crete.

Note that rates can be quite higher when hiring a vehicle directly at the airport. So, make the most of our website. Better still, you can avail of deals exclusive for online clients. Avance Car Rental has some great discounts for travelers booking their trip well ahead of time. We also have a hotline where you can make your reservations. Friendly travel agents will assist you in choosing the best transportation arrangements.

When choosing a car hire company, you want to be sure that you are working with a reliable and trusted car rental company that offers quality vehicles and guarantees great service at cost-effective rates. Avance Car Rental is a trusted car hire company that guarantees the best Cretan holiday for you.

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