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The Kos Downtown is basically a large archaeological site. Having been founded in 399 BC, the island has some well preserved monuments from the Greek and Roman eras. Not only can you find architectural landmarks, cultural influence and traditions that date back to the ancient empires are highly evident. The glorious past of the island along with its scenic terrain make it even more interesting for leisure travelers.

Perhaps the most prominent landmarks at Kos Downtown are the excavation sites of the Ancient Agora (marketplace), the Casa Romana (a Roman villa), and the Castle of the Knights of St. John. Countless travelers flock to these heritage sites to have a glimpse of the life during the ancient empires.

The island is also considered the birthplace of the father of modern medicine – Hippocrates. Being the most famous figure in the history of Kos, several memorials can be found around the island. Legends have it that Hippocrates used to teach medicine under the old plane tree that can be found in the very center of downtown Kos. That same tree (as many locals believe) still stands tall at the heart of the town and is one of the main of Kos. Learn more about Hippocrates through the Hippocratic Museum or the Asklepieion, which used to be a medical school and a sanctuary but is now one of Kos excavation sites. The Hippocratic museum is easily accessible in the town center but the Asklepion is an hour-drive away. Rent a car will be put to a good use for exploring the great heritage sites the island has to offer.

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