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Once you’re in Athens, you don’t want to miss the chance of visiting Marousi – a quiet municipality located north of the metropolis. The suburb has a rich history that dates back to the ancient times. Being geographically close to Athens, it enjoys much of the developments of the city. When Athens hosted the Olympic Games, Marousi was one of the towns that played a major role. And it obviously benefited much from hosting this worldwide athletic fest. Unlike other towns, Marousi is utterly modern. It has some of the most developed transport system in Greece. It is just fitting because there are a lot to see and experience in this town. Probably one of the most sought after tourist spot is the Olympic Athletic Center. The economy of the municipality vies with its neighboring city. In fact, rarely can you find the city to be idle, especially during peak hours.

With so much to see and find around Marousi, you’ll definitely want to have a well-planned vacation. And to make your holiday perfect, you need to rent a car. Avance Car Rental is the best way to go. We offer car rentals in Marousi at very affordable prices and you get to choose from our long list of cars. You can pick up and drop off your car on the day of arrival and departure at the airport, and you can also request to have the car brought right to your apartment or hotel.

Request a quote or book online through Better still, you can benefit from our great discounts and offers exclusive only for online clients. You can definitely save a lot of money and most especially time when you rent a car.

With the thousands of tourists that flock Athens airport every day, booking in advance can save you precious time. Advance booking enables you to enjoy the Mediterranean climate minutes upon arrival. The last thing you would ever want is to be in a long queue of people waiting for their turns to get a taxicab.

If you are going to Marousi in large groups, fret no more as you can find just the right vehicle in our fleet. Choose from luxury cars to minibuses to coaches. There are also family vehicles and city cars which are perfect for special occasions, such as if you are attending a Greek wedding.

Although the transport system in Marousi is well organized and highly developed, getting quickly from one place to another can be a pain. You’ll have to think about your luggage when you transfer from one vehicle to another. Also, it can be very time consuming shuttling from one public terminal to another.

If you are planning to visit the wonderful town of Marousi, coordinate us. Our friendly travel agents will help you finalize your trip and can even give you tips about unexplored and hidden treasures of the town. For more information, visit our website or us now.

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