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Greece is among the top destination for leisure travelers as there are a lot to see and explore in this country. One of the two major cities frequented by travelers is Thessaloniki (also called Salonica). Located in northern Greece, the city is considered the most cultured, hippest and most expensive places in this part of the country. But recently, budget-friendly options have started to emerge.

Thessaloniki is the perfect destination for people who want to experience a modern-day Greek holiday. Thessaloniki downtown offers the best shopping, nightlife, cultural events and fine dining. Compared to Athens, Salonica is more intimate and less hectic. And since it is Northern Greece’s central transport hub, travelling from within the region and its neighboring countries is also less of a hassle.

Like Athens, symbols of its glorious past are easily distinguishable in the city. Some of the favorite tourist spots include: the White Tower, which silently watches over the café-dotted waterfront; the Turkish baths or Ottoman hammams, many have been transformed into art galleries; walls from the Byantine era that culminates at the Upper Town or Ano Poli; and little Byzantine chapels sit serenely atop the winding alleyways and peer over a neighborhood of colorful old houses. Also in downtown Thessaloniki are grand-scale structures such as the imposing Roman Rotunda, the Church of Agios Dimitrios, and the palace ruins of Roman Emperor Galerius.

The city is dotted with bars, restaurants and cafes that never run idle. Unlike other touristy parts of Greece, Thessaloniki remains lively throughout the year, thanks to the over 80,000 students who flesh out the colleges and universities in the city.

There are a lot to see and explore in Thessaloniki. And while you can stay for weeks, many of these attractions are compact enough for travelers to see even in just a few days. The best way to see the city sights is by driving downtown ThessalonikiRent a car services are easily available for travelers. Avance Car Rental Service has an online portal where you can choose the best vehicle for your trip. You can pick up your vehicle at the airport or train station, or even at your apartment or hotel. To have a great experience, you can use the leaflets by the tourism office detailing the best routes and sights.

Renting out a car is your best option as you can go from one place to another without all the hassles of using public transport system. You can get to the famous sights as well as explore the attractions less heard of. Work with and we’ll ensure that you have an enjoyable stay here in Thessaloniki.

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