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Mykonos is included among the top destinations for people who want to have a Greek holiday. And because it is very famous, the island is often filled with tourists. But despite having many people, the island never seems to be overcrowded. The atmosphere is always jovial, people are friendly and the weather is perfect. It also seems that you can chat with your fellow tourists. Some people think that since the island is saturated with tourists, the costs would be too high. But it’s actually to the contrary; in fact, prices are surprisingly within the limits. You can even find budget hotels where you can stay.

Majority of the tourists flock to the island for its spectacular beaches: crystal waters and golden sand. The beaches also have great tourist and sport facilities, which tourists certainly find fun. Beach resorts are often located on the southern coast, but they can get extremely overcrowded during touristy seasons. Although there are also beaches on the northern coast for the island, they are less organized and perfect if you prefer some moments of peace.

At Mykonos, you can visit the Skalado Town with its great tourist attraction. The town offers a time for relaxation for tourists. The best way to get to the town is through a rent a car. Avance Car Rental has some of the best car rental rates for you. We are a reliable car hire company with a number of car hire stations across the country. At Avance, you are given a number of safe and well-maintained vehicles. We have the latest car models in our fleet, ranging from SUVs, sports cars, vans, 4x4s and convertibles. With our vast selection, you are assured to have a car that will best suit your driving needs.

If you are keen at renting out a car, you must know and obey local traffic rules. Our friendly and experienced travel specialists will guide you through these laws. Some important things to remember include:

· Greece is a right-side driving country.

· Follow the speed limit and distance signs (displayed in km)

· During busy periods, you may need to follow traffic police who directs the motorists.

For foreigners, always bring necessary documents such as license, credit card and visa for possible random checks. Always be aware of possible problems that may affect you during the course of the car hire. Rest assured that Avance Car Rental will be at your side to help you out in case of troubles. We have a 24-hour road assistance service that ensures your safety on the road.

To request a quote or book a vehicle, simply visit our website and fill out our online application form. We will get back to you once we have all details. Make your reservation right at the comfort of your home.

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