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Cyprus is an island country located in the eastern Mediterranean. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Nicosia is the capital and the largest city. The second largest city is Limassol.

Cyprus is said to have had its name from the Greeks in the time of Homer. There are various views on the etymology of the name Cyprus. One view holds that the name of the island comes from King Cyprus. Another view says that the name comes from the Greek word for cypress or from the Greek name for the plant henna, cyprus. Another view is that the root of the name is from the word for copper in Cypriot.

Cyprus is also known as the “island of Aphrodite”, since according to greek mythology the goddess Aphrodite was born on the shores of Paphos.

The cultural life of the island is quite developed and is expressed through literature, music, and culture. Its heritage is rich in monuments, museums, churches, monasteries, fortresses, and mosques. At the same time, among the various institutions, “the Cypriots” have a dominant position. This is a festival with various cultural programs and distinguished artists.

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