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Lesvos is a beautiful island in the northeastern Aegean. It is the third largest island in Greece after Crete and Evia. It has a special beauty with natural landscapes, and it is suitable for moments of rest and relaxation.

Lesvos has rich history and attractions that are worth visiting and discovering. Among them are the Ancient Theater of Mytilene, the Sanctuary of the Messiah, the Castle of Mytilene and much more. It is the birthplace of various famous painters and writers. The island is famous for its local specialties and its authentic ouzo, Plomari.

The beaches are countless along its long coastline, with sunbeds or without, and clear blue waters. The most famous of these are Eressos and Tarti. The capital of Lesvos is Mytilene, but there are many other beautiful villages with traditional architecture and local dishes. Some of them are Eressos, Molyvos, Plomari etc.

Lesvos is quite a large island, and the distances are long. There are KTEL buses that you can use, but to explore the island you will need to take your car with you or rent one. Avance Car Rental has stations in various points of the island and partners ready to serve you. You can make your reservation online, before your arrival, by choosing the car of your choice. Alternatively, you can visit one of our stations or call our call center. Our partners are always willing and happy to serve you!

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