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Kos is an island paradise in the south-eastern Aegean Sea in Greece. Its pristine beaches, Roman-era heritage sites, serene atmosphere, and well-developed tourist infrastructure make it one of the best holiday destinations in Greece. Every year thousands of leisure travelers flock to the town and indulge in a great Greek holiday.

For tourists arriving via ferry or cruise ships, the Kos Port is the entryway to the island. The cruise ship and ferry routes to Kos Port offer panoramic views of the scenic coast of Kos from the Aegean Sea. Regular ferry trips from Piraeus Port in Athens to Kos Port are available, as well as several seasonal routes to different Greek destinations: Patmos, Santorini, Rhodes, and Kalymnos, just to name a few. There are also routes from Bodrum in Turkey to Kos Island.

Once you arrive at Kos Port, the island is yours to discover. Make the most of your vacation and visit the different tourist spots of Kos Island independently by renting out a car. Rent A Car stations can be found at the port. But even before you get to the Kos, you can actually arrange for your in-land transport. Avance Car Rental has an online portal where you can conveniently book your transportation needs during your vacation. Choose from a diverse fleet of cars – from sedans to luxury cars to vans.

Just like other Greek islands, Kos has a lot to offer for tourists. Ancient Roman and Greek monuments can be seen “at every corner” of the island, unspoiled beaches, beautiful landscapes, and traditional Greek villages. The warm Greek tradition is very evident in the island. Fine dining restaurants offer distinct, mouthwatering Greek cuisines. Majority of the tourist spots are just a short drive from the downtown where hotels and apartments are usually situated. While travelers can take the public transportation or taxi services on the island, a cheap car hire in Kos is the better way to travel inland.

The bucolic island is not that dull at all. The Kos Town has an interesting mix of shops, bars, and restaurants. You can spend hours in these cool place, and maybe start some conversation with some fellow guests. During summer, the streets are up until late in the evening. Although the language is a bit difficult to comprehend, you will certainly feel the warmth and jovial nature of locals.

Kos is surrounded by sandy beach that stretches out from north to south. You can drive your rental car from the town to the beach in just as short as 45 minutes. Each beach has a unique characteristic and appeals to different people. The Tigaki beach for example has shallow waters, perfect for children. Just a few blocks from the main beach, there’s a clothing optional beach for the exhibitionists and naturists.

With all the sights to see, hiring a car is your best option. Avance Car Rental offers the cheapest car hire service. Visit our website and request a quote today.

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