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Keramoti is a municipality in the Kavala prefecture of Greece. It is closest to two district cities – Kavala and Xanthis. You can get to Keramoti via ferryboat, bus, or car. For international travelers, two of the closest airports are Kavala at 12 kilometers and Thessaloniki at 200 km. This picturesque locale has so much to offer. It is just a drive away from Nestos River, where one can enjoy horse riding, rafting and canoeing. You can also get to the Thassos Island from Keramoti via ferryboat.

Until recently, Keramoti has been a small fishing village. But since it has the easiest access to the Greek island of Thassos, it has turned into a favorite destination for leisure travelers. Its landscape and climate make it prefect for ecotourism and family vacations. This scenic town is located on a small peninsula created by the river Mesta. Keramoti is surrounded by a gorgeous fine sandy beach that stretches about 9 kilometers towards the Mesta River. Out from the sea, the village seems like a Caribbean paradise luring tourist to come.

For people who want to stay away from the busyness of daily life, Keramoti is heaven. It offers a respite from the busy city life. Here you cannot find large tourist crowds, or five-star hotels, but the lack of the usual touristy ambiance is what makes it so appealing. The beachfront is very calm and quiet that even the herring gulls and seagulls dare not disturb. Small hotels and apartments provide accommodation for travelers.

From the embankment, one can take a 30-minute ferryboat ride to the Thassos island. If you are not keen at going to Thassos, you can spend some time at any of the small taverns, pastry-shops and coffee-shops that dot the beachfront. Despite developments and modernity, the village has maintained its laidback daily routine. In the morning, people would go to the bakery or supermarket, and in the afternoon, most people take their “siesta” or afternoon nap. At night, the embankments transform into boulevards where the locals go for evening walks with their mates.

Keramoti in Kavala is a very interesting place to be in. If you want to have a great experience in this village, be sure to rent a car. Make necessary reservations even before you arrive in the city. Avance Car Rental is a trusted and reliable car hire company that offers affordable rental rates. We will provide you with a car that suits your transportation needs. You can pick up the car at the airport, bus station or at your apartment or hotel. Rental cars come fully loaded with fuel, which means you can speed away and drive wherever and whenever. The great thing about renting out a car is that you do not need to endure the hassles of public transport. Thus, you can devote your time to pure relaxation or fun!

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