Car Rental in Chania Souda Port

Find out more about car hire in Chania Souda Port

Chania is the capital city of the Chania Prefect. With a population of 60,000 locals, the city is the second largest in Crete. The beautiful city of Chania lies along the North coast of the island. It has colorful history that is very evident on the culture, tradition and monuments that can be seen in the city. Different cultural events are held annually (festivals, exhibitions, musical shows, theatrical acts, trade fairs, etc). These events showcase the rich culture of the city. Be amazed at how the city managed to retain its distinct character and original colors despite the flourishing tourism industry and hurried globalization.

The city is well connected to nearby cities and towns by air and sea. The city has daily sea connection with Athens via ferry boat. The Chania Port is located at the bay of Souda. Enclosed by the cape of Crete, it is the biggest and safest bay in East Mediterranean. The port is located some 6 kilometers from the city center. However, disembarking tourists can take a bus ride to the city as there are regular bus services available. There are also rent a car stations and taxi lanes at the port area, so in-land transport should not be an issue.

However, if you are planning your trip during the busy summer months or on holidays, be sure make arrangements with a car hire company. Due to the influx of tourists, bus and taxi lanes can be very long. Working with a reliable rent a car company, such as Avance Car Rental, is highly recommended. We have a website where you can find information and make reservations. We accept worldwide reservations, so you can actually book your travel dates at the comforts of your own home. No need to endure the long queues as your car will be made available to you at the port.

You can rent cars of various sizes and shape. Usually, cars are categorized into car groups – from sedans to luxury cars to vans – with rates depending on the car category. We will guide you in choosing the best car to suit your transportation needs. Advance reservation and booking is recommended so that we can have enough time to allocate and schedule your preferred car. But if you make a last-minute booking online, learn how to manage your expectation. Although we will try to allocate you with your preferred vehicle, we may not be able to find a car very similar to model and make of car displayed on the website.

If you were not able to make online reservation, fret not as Avance Car Rental operates a car rental station at the Chania Port. You can also choose to call us through our hotline.

The city of Chania has a lot of surprises in store for you. Make the most of your travel time by renting out a car. Make your arrangements now and book your car of choice with us

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