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Can I book more than 1 car at a time?

Yes, subject to availability. Each booking will have a unique reservation number.

What documents will I need to provide?

You will need to bring your driving license with you when you come to collect your car. You must have held a driving license for at least one year.
You will also need a credit card – we need to have it as guarantee for your rental even if you choose to pay cash at the end. Your ID and passport will be also required.

Can I extend the rental period?

Of course – you can extend your reservation period at any time before the rental. However, this will affect the cost of your rental and it is always subject to availability.
To extend your rental period once you have picked up your car you will need to contact the Avance rental location where you are due to return the car.

I only need a 1 one day rental but will exceed the limit of 100km. Which are my options?

Shall you need free mileage, you may either opt for the Free mileage option at 10 euro per day or  all extras km will be charged at the current tariff

Does Avance allow Additional Drivers?

Yes, you may add an additional driver onto your rental agreement.  This must be done at the time of rental.  The additional driver must present a valid driving license at time of rent.  You can also add an additional driver onto your rental agreement during your rental.  To do this the driver and the additional driver can visit any Avance Rental location.  The additional driver must present a valid driving license and must comply with age restrictions. 

Can anyone else other than myself drive the car?

Only drivers mentioned in the rental agreement are allowed to drive a Avance vehicle. If the car is used by a non-authorized driver the insurance stops to apply.

What are the general requirements to hire a car?

The driver should be 23 and hold a valid driving license for at least 1 year and a major credit card for guarantee (VISA, MASTER, AMEX). According to Greek Law the driver should present a valid EU or International driving license.
For more information over the accepted Driving License per country of origin, please click here (attachment)

What fuel does my car take?

Once you pick up the car, the representative at the rental desk will advise you what fuel type is required for the car. Usually there is an indication at the petrol cap as well.

Do I have to pay a one-way fee, and if so how much is it?

All one way charges (if applicable) are always calculated and included in the rate you see on the website after selecting your preferred pick up and drop off location.

What is the excess amount?

Excess is the amount you are liable for in case of Damage or theft of the car (when Collision Damage Waiver and Theft protection is included in your booking).
The exact Excess amount is mentioned in the Terms and conditions (T&C link)
What shall I do if the car breaks down or if I am involved in an accident?
In case of accident, call the emergency number which is indicated on the rental agreement, you got when you picked up the car. The representative will advise you what you have to do. Call the police to report the accident, once you return the car, an accident report will be created.

In what currency do I pay for the car?

All rates shown are in Euro.

Will I have to leave a deposit when I pick my car up?

Yes. When you pick-up the car, the representative will ask you to leave a deposit in case of Damage or Theft of the car during your rental. The deposit/guarantee amount will be temporarily blocked/charged on the credit card of the main driver and held for the duration of the rental.
Once you return the car back without a damage, the deposit/guarantee amount will be released/ refunded to the credit card. The charge back might take seven to 21 working days, depending on your bank.
If for any reason the main driver’s card does not have enough funds for the deposit, the representative might not give you the car or might offer you additional insurances/cover to waive the deposit/guarantee amount.

What if I haven’t received any confirmation of my booking?

Most of the bookings get an instant confirmation, in some rare cases it might take up to 24 hours. Please click here to contact with us

How do I request an invoice?

Easy! To issue an invoice under a company’s details please contact us via Contact Us page and include the following information: (1) name of the company, (2) Address and (3) VAT number.

When should I pick up?

Try to pick it up as close as possible to the time specified during the booking procedure. If you are running late please contact us on the number indicated in your confirmation voucher. The station will hold your booking valid for 12 hours during off season and for 3 hours during peak season.

What happened if my flight is cancelled / delayed?

If you added your flight details to your booking, we will be able to track your flight and may hold the car for you for some time.
If your flight is delayed it is important to call Avance as soon as possible.

What should I do when I pick up my car?

Check the car
Walk around the car and look inside, checking for damage. If you find any, ask the agent to mark it on your rental agreement. You may also take pictures so you can be confident about what the car was like to start with.

Check what fuel it takes
Open the cap to see if it’s petrol or diesel. Petrol might have ‘95’ on it. If you’re not sure which fuel the car takes, ask the agent before you leave.

Look at the dashboard
Rental car fuel is provided on a ‘same to same’ basis, which means you start with a certain amount in the tank and you return the car with the same amount. Turn the key to check tank.

Sort your route
If your car has GPS, it’s worth setting it to your language before you head off.

Take a moment
Once everyone’s safely strapped in, take a minute to adjust the mirrors, move the seat, find reverse and check where the indicators are.

Look out for a petrol station
When you’re heading off, look out for a petrol station. It’ll save any last-minute stress about filling the car up before you take it back

Can I drop off later than my drop off time?

Once you’ve picked your car up, please contact us asap if you want to extend your booking or please create a new reservation online for the rest of the days.
If you drop the car off later than arranged on your booking, the station will charge you a late fee.

Can I pick up / drop off my car outside working hours?

During the booking procedure please select the exact pick up and drop off hours of your rental. If any extra charge is applied for the out of operating times is always included in our final prices. If your plans change after you picked up, please contact the station to set the drop off details and be informed of any incurring costs.

Is it possible to drop off the car at a different location?

Yes, it is allowed to have different pick up and drop off locations. On the search engine, we provide you with the option to “Return car to another location”. This will enable you to select one of the available return locations.

I wish to make a complaint. Is there a certain time frame that I must observe?

Yes. If you experience any problem during you rental, you have 90 days from the drop off date to bring it to our attention. To contact us please email us at [email protected]. After that period, we will no longer be able to assist you.

Will I get the exact make and model which I have reserved?

Avance can only guarantee a certain car category and not a specific make or model. We feature cars from many different manufacturers in the same category which should have the same features as confirmed at time of reservation.